The Three Dimensions of Study Abroad Program Quality intersect with the Seven Benefits of Study Abroad to create a more thorough picture of study abroad destinations and help you find the Best Places to Study Abroad. While each of the Seven Benefits may emphasize one aspect of the study abroad experience over others, the Three Dimensions provide a grounding base. The Three Dimensions evaluate universities’ internationalization, facilities & services, and academic offerings as they relate to short-term study abroad students.

Some of the criteria used for the three dimensions overlap with those that contribute to the Seven Benefits, where appropriate. Others do not contribute directly to any of the Seven, but are critically important to international students’ experience and are covered here.

The Three Dimensions combine to make up 30% of universities’ overall ranking and 50% of Element-specific rankings. For more on what each dimension covers, read the links below.

University Internationalization

Many universities aspire to be international, but this quality goes beyond mission statements and lip-service to evaluate how universities perform in three key areas: recruitment of international faculty and staff, study abroad of degree-seeking students, and international student services.

Facilities and Services

How well equipped is your study abroad program to support your success? Facilities and services are the foundation of the study abroad experience. This quality highlights the universities that provide a broad range of support to enable students to push beyond their expectations.

Academic Offerings

The classrooms and curriculum at your study abroad program should be set up to maximize your success. This quality measures the internationalization of the classroom environment, and how well the university is set up to take advantage of that, as well as the degree to which the university curriculum considers international student-specific needs, from local-focused courses to language instruction.

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