The Best Places to Study Abroad rankings of universities are based on the Seven Benefits of Study Abroad and the Three Dimensions of Study Abroad Program Quality. The Benefits of Study Abroad describe how univerisities fare in contributing to seven specific study abroad outcomes identified through comprehensive studies and outbound study abroad program goals statements. The Three Dimensions of Study Abroad Program Quality cover a more general look at the university in three broad categories to give a baseline evaluation and grounding factor.

Seven Benefits of Study Abroad

The Seven Benefits, below, are based on research of expected study abroad outcomes established by universities for their outgoing students as well as comprehensive studies on past study abroad students. Each of the Benefits has three to four sub-outcomes, which are evaluated based on specific opportunities that universities offer their study abroad students. For more information, read about each on the pages below:


Three Dimensions of Study Abroad Program Quality

The Three Dimensions examine the total array of opportunities available to students within each of the categories below. Whereas the Seven Benefits single out opportunities that lead to specific goal achievement, the Three Dimensions paint a broader picture and include measures of academic, service, and internationalization quality that do not contribute specifically to the Benefits, but improve the overall experience of international students at that university. The Dimensions are:

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